Become a Team Builder

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Anyone can become a Team Builder to earn loyalty points when purchasing goods or services from any of our Team Providers. If you are a builder or own a business based in the Tauranga region then becoming a Team Builder could earn you huge rewards! 


Explore our list of Team Providers here to see the extensive range of products & services which could earn you points as a Team Builder.

Each month you will receive a statement from Team Local detailing the points you have earned for the month, any points you have spent and your tally.


To redeem points, simply present a copy of your latest statement to the retail store or business you are looking to redeem your points with, and they may contact us to verify your points and then send an invoice to Team Local for payment. If they are a Team Provider or Preferred Downspender, they will simply provide an invoice to Team Local for payment.

We will make the payment and deduct the points from your account.

If the products or services you want are available through a Team Provider or Preferred Downspender then you must use their business for that purchase. Otherwise you can redeem your points with any business in Tauranga.


As well as our extensive list of Team Providers you can also use your loyalty points to purchase from our Preferred Downspenders which include: